11 Steps to Take If You Lose Your Wallet

You’ve lost your wallet—or it’s been stolen—and your first instinct is to panic. But resist this urge. Instead, here's what to do when you lose your wallet.

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10 Steps to Take If Your Wallet Is Lost or Stolen
What should you do if your wallet is lost or stolen? Take these steps to minimize damage and prevent financial or identity fraud.
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Reporting Identity Theft to Police: Steps to Take and Things to Know
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Identity Theft Recovery News and Articles - LifeLock
If someone steals your identity, you could face costs and hassles. Find out what to do to help restore your personal and financial life, and your good name.
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ID Theft Protection
Your identity is worth a lot to you — and to identity thieves. That’s why identity thieves prey on your personal information to commit crimes and make money. Learn how to help protect against and recover from identity theft, whether you’re at home or on the road.
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Whether you’re online or on your phone, criminals are there, too. They want to trick you into giving them money or personal information. Avoid being a victim. Get tips and information to help you fight back and stay safer.
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Credit Reports
Credit reports can have a big impact on your life, affecting everything from finding a job to getting a loan. Find out what they are and what's in them.
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Tax Fraud Help - Tax News and Articles - LifeLock
You could be a victim if identity thieves commit tax-related crimes or fraud in your name. Learn how to help protect yourself against tax fraud scammers.
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Credit Card Fraud
No one wants to become a victim of credit card fraud. Learn what to do when criminals make purchases or open new credit cards in your name. And find out how to help protect against it from happening.
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