Credit Cards

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Credit cards can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how you use them. It makes sense to learn as much as you can about them, from how many to carry to what happens when you lose one — and more.

Are Debit Cards Dangerous?
If you find something in your credit report that doesn’t belong there, here’s what to do.
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5 Steps to Take Immediately If Your Credit Card Is Lost or Stolen
If you lose your credit card, it's time to act quickly. Here are 5 steps to take if your credit card is lost or stolen.
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How Credit Card Skimming Works - and How to Avoid It
A card skimmer is a small, illegal device fit on top of real card readers at self-service sale terminals. Learn tips on how to avoid credit card skimming.
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What Is a Fraud Alert, and What Are the Different Types?
Have you lost your wallet, chock full of credit cards? Then it's time to learn what is a fraud alert, including the different types.
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What Is Credit Card Fraud?
Learn about credit card fraud, how it happens, and what you can do to help protect yourself against credit card fraud.
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