Tax Fraud Resources

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You could be a victim if identity thieves commit tax-related crimes or fraud in your name. That includes filing for a fake tax refund. Learn how to help protect yourself against tax-fraud scammers.



5 IRS scams to watch out for in tax season
Tax season brings out scammers. Here’s what you can do to help protect against tax-related scams.
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Tax Fraud: What You Need to Know
Identity thieves and cybercriminals value your identity. They can profit from your personal information by committing identity fraud — to open credit card accounts, obtain loans, and more — all in your name. Learn how to spot and help protect against identity theft.
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COVID-19 Relief Fraud and Its Tax Impact: What You Need to Know
Fraudsters are using coronavirus aid programs to commit ID theft and steal funds. Learn how to help protect yourself against COVID-19-related fraud.
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