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Your personal information can be bought and sold on the dark web for as little as 10 cents.** Take a first step in understanding if your personal information has been exposed, and doing something to help protect it.

Price reflects discount with annual subscription. $49.99/yr after first year.
See subscription details below*

Your personal info can end up on the dark web in lots of ways.

data breaches

1 in 2 consumers have been notified of a data breach.1

malware on your devices

Cybercriminals can infect devices with malware, and then sell your stolen information on the dark web.

online activities & wi-fi

Everyday activities like online shopping, banking and browsing can expose your information, making you more vulnerable to cybercrime.

How LifeLock Identity Advisor works. All you need is an email address to start. It only takes a few minutes to enroll.

we scan the dark and deep webs, private forums and more.
We scan the dark and deep webs, private forums and more.

We go beyond easily accessible sites looking for information that may be yours that’s been exposed or for sale.

if we find information that may be yours, you'll get a notification.
If we find information that may be yours, you'll get a notification.

If we detect usernames, passwords, a passport number, driver’s license, financial information, and more, we’ll notify you.

we work to fix fraudulent activity.
We work to fix fraudulent activity.

If your info is used fraudulently, specialists will work with merchants and 3rd parties to address and fix the activity.§

Start your membership. Enroll in minutes.

  • Dark Web Monitoring§

  • Data Breach Notifications

  • U.S.-Based Identity Restoration Specialists

  • 24/7 Live Member Support

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first year

{ar}/yr after first year.
Pricing details below*

*Important Subscription, Pricing and Offer Details

  • By subscribing, you are purchasing a recurring membership that begins when your purchase is completed (or otherwise, when your payment is received) and automatically renews after the first term. You must complete enrollment to enable this service. Special offers may expire at any time at NortonLifeLock's discretion.
  • The price quoted today may include an introductory offer. After that, your membership will be billed at the applicable monthly or annual renewal price found here. The price is subject to change, but we will always notify you in advance. This offer not combinable with other offers.
  • You can cancel your membership here or by contacting Member Services & Support at 844-488 4540. For more details about the cancellation and refund policy, please visit the LifeLock Refund Policy.

No one can prevent all cybercrime or prevent all identity theft.
Symantec Corp. (2018) Internet Security Threat Report.

1 Based on an online survey of 5,020 US adults conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of NortonLifeLock™, January 2020.
§ This plan includes dark web monitoring, breach notifications, and merchant resolution management. It does not include the Million Dollar Protection™ Package or additional alert features offered in higher-tiered plans.
Δ English only. See for details.

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